Q: Is SPMD a type of health insurance?
A: No; we are simply a directory of independent physicians, discount lab brokers, physical therapists and discount imaging centers offering deep discounts to medical tourists, local foreign nationals, uninsured, under-insured and other self-pay patients in South Florida.

Q: What if I need a procedure?
A: Simply ask the doctor for his/her best self-pay rate. Ask them for the "global-fee" which includes physician's fee, SurgiCenter's fee, anesthesia fee, lab fees and other possible fees.

Q: How much can I save on Labs and Imaging Studies?
A: Up to 80% savings from usual and customary fees.

Q: Why such low prices?
A: By offering deep cash discounts, providers don't have to deal with private or government health insurance, thus saving on billing and collection efforts.

Q: Do I have to become a member?
A: No; SPMD does not offer memberships; simply go to one of our participating providers, and identify yourself as having been referred by SelfPayMD. 

Q: I already have insurance, can I still go to SPMD?
A: Yes, but keep in mind that the providers would not be billing your insurance company. You would pay cash at the time of service.